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Alberta's Clean Energy Future

Oil Sands Tools

Oil Sands Information Portal

The Oil Sands Information Portal is a one-window, source about the environmental impacts of oil sands development. It includes an interactive map and downloadable datasets.

Pipeline Information

Pipelines operate all day, every day with the help of powerful pumps, additives that move the oil with less resistance, and the laws of physics. Find out what makes pipelines the safest method to transport petroleum products-and how they're getting safer all the time.

U.S. Economic Impact Oil Calculator

$521 billion is the economic impact Canada’s oil sands expects to bring to the United States from 2010 to 2035. Calculate the benefit to your state or region on the U.S. Economic Impact Oil Calculator.

Responsible Actions

Responsible Actions

A Plan for Alberta’s Oil Sands

This 20-year plan outlines an integrated approach for all levels of government, industry, and communities to address the economic, social and environmental challenges and opportunities in the oil sands regions.  

Integrated Resource Management

Alberta’s natural resources are a source of prosperity that sustains our high quality of life. We must develop our resources responsibly, taking into account not only economic outcomes but also the long-term social and environmental outcomes Albertans want.

See how land-use plans balance growth with environmental protection. Watch the video

Managing the Oil Sands

Water MonitoringOil Sands Monitoring

The new Joint Canada-Alberta Implementation Plan for Oil Sands Monitoring commits to one of the most progressive and comprehensive environmental monitoring programs of any industrially-developed region in the world.